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Federal Hill

Federal Hill is a neighborhood primarily of brick, late 19th Century homes. Many (but not all) have been rehabbed into modern residences in the past 15-20 years. Rehabbing continues, and some homes are still available at bargain prices for those interested in investing sweat capital. There are also some apartment houses and a few old residences divided into apartments. Federal Hill is a cohesive, inclusive neighborhood with a strong community sense which works hard to preserve its individuality. The neighborhood is a federal historic district, and the northern portion has strict preservation and urban renewal requirements. There are still many residents who are second and third generation South Baltimoreans who are equally proud of their heritage. Most homes are owner-occupied, but there is a good supply of rental housing as well. To the South there is the Port Covington Shopping Center (WalMart and Sams Club), with access to I-95 N&S and Route 295 right within reach. Several of the most active real estate brokers live in the neighborhood and know it well. We welcome all who are committed to urban living. The larger neighborhood is generally referred to as being comprised of two parts, Federal Hill and West Federal Hill. West Federal Hill refers to the area below Cross Street and west of Hanover, while Federal Hill generally designates the area bounded by Key Highway and Cross. Both areas have their own neighborhood associations which are very active in the community

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Source: LiveBaltimore